28″ Inch 110V AC electric Ceiling Fan Energy Saving Indoor Ceiling Fan Outdoor gazebo ceiling fan … (28 INCH)

110V AC electric ceiling fan
( AC ) Power:11W
wire cord:8.2feet wtih slide switch and U.S standard PlugMore than 10 years of fan experience, we continue to upgrade and improve, to provide customers with high quality products.Health care fan The wind gentle breeze ceiling fan, allowing continuous use as a feather fan breeze, cool and pleasant night use, carefree and dream. Day and night use will not appear dizziness, abdominal pain and other discomfort, long time use no discomfort to the human body, is a real health care fan. Energy saving economy With the fan of permanent magnet structure, suitable for small wind power, cheaper and more energy-efficient, family or modern office even installed air conditioning, but equipped with a breeze ceiling fan / breeze clip fan, air temperature increases 3 degrees will feel more cool, is recommended for the construction of modern society energy-saving fan. Healthy fan Modern people use air conditioning for a long time to get air conditioning disease. In the air conditioning room with the use of the breeze ceiling fan, the indoor air can be adjusted well, and the fresh air and the cold air can be circulated. The method is economical and healthy. Safe and reliable Due to the quality of the whole machine is light, clever, low speed operation, absolutely will not hurt people, can be assured to use. Because the wind blade is plastic, safer than the traditional iron blade, is the preferred fan in crowded places (such as factories, schools). Wide range of uses The machine is very suitable for hanging in mosquito net, sofa, writing desk, kitchen and bathroom. It can also be used in schools, nursing homes, shops, hotels, wards, kindergartens and factories, workshops, assembly lines and other places.

Product Features

  • FAIRLY QUITE WITH A LOT OF AIR, get the cooling power you want without the noise
  • BLADE SWEEP DIAMETER OF 28″Inches durable materials, fan blade can bend, compression
  • 1 PIECE FREE HIGH QUALITY BLADE FOR MORE DURABLE, in case accidently broken
  • FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE,Low Profile housing is specially designed to fit flush to the ceiling and is ideal for use in bedroom,living room or hang anywhere you want
  • FLUID MECHANICS DESIGN ,large air volume,no dead angle hair,quite and comfortable experience