4 Pack Sale – Old Fashion Edison Light Bulbs – Highly Rated – 60W Vintage Squirrel Cage Filament – 120 Volts – 230 Lumens – ST58 Teardrop – Dimmable Antique Amber Lighting – Warranty Included

Look no further, that ideal edison bulb you’ve been searching for is here!

Our decorative edison bulbs are perfect for interior and outdoor ambiance. The squirrel cage filament and amber glow give off a beautiful and mesmerizing look!

Just like they were when Thomas Edison crafted them, all of our bulbs have a little character that gives it an authentic look.

Squirrel Cage Filament
Our vertical edison filament bulbs glow into a mesmerizing array of beautiful amber light reminiscent of the early days of lighting. Searching for a unique incandescent lighting option can end right here.

Great Gift Idea
Give a gift that’s authentic, unique and not boring! Our bulbs are THE perfect present for any occasion whether it’s a birthday, company party or just because!

Long Lasting
Enjoy up to 3000 hours of antique amber lighting with our four packs!

Product Features

  • TALKING POINTS – The mesmerizing glow of our vertical squirrel cage filament sets a welcoming mood for any chic interior or outdoor space! Crafted with a warm amber tint and hard-to-find teardrop top, our fully dimmable bulbs hook you in at first sight. See customer photos for inspiration!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If your bulbs are ever mishandled during shipping and arrive damaged, we’ll send you a replacement immediately! Shop and be worry-free!
  • EASY INSTALL – Crafted with a standard E26 base, our light bulbs fit regular household fixtures, most antique sconces, chandeliers, fixtures, lamps and go well with any interior decorative design type including Rustic, Commercial, Residential and Industrial.
  • LONG LASTING – Enjoy our chic ST58 model bulbs for up to 3000 hours! That’s a lot of ambient hours!