Dream Lighting 12V LED Dome Light Fixture – 4.5″ Cool White Cabin Lights Pack of 6

Little tips
This light is designed for 12volt DC uses, like RVs. If you use it for other applications, like home (110volt), please get professional electrical instructions for wiring.
The diameter of the light is 4.5 inch. Please check out the dimension image and make sure it fits your applications.
Wiring: black wire for positive and white wire for negative/ground. Switch the polarity if necessary.
Please search B00ODSB42I for a 4-PACK.

Compact and low profile design, ideal to replace old pancake lights
High quality LEDs deliver reliable performance and save energy at the same time
Very smooth and nice lighting effect
Aluminum base plate for efficient heat dissipation
Long diode life up to 50,000 hours

Operating voltage: 12Volt DC
Wattage: 3.8W
Current draws: 315mA
Lighting color: cool white
Lighting angle: 120 degrees
Luminous flux: 230 lumens
Base diameter: 4.5 inch
No mounting hardware included

Product Features

  • This amazing LED Dome Light is perfect for interior caravan, motor-home, and RV interior roof light applications. It is designed to replace the traditional energy-hungry pancake lights.
  • The light looks concise and neat with its covers lens, which is made of fire resistant PC materials. It provides smooth and even light distribution without casting shadow. It is dimmable if wired to a proper dimmer (not included).
  • The LEDs are placed on an aluminum board that does a good job in heat dissipation. The light will work stably and safely.
  • LED is energy efficient and long lasting. It has a long lifespan up to 50,000 hours. One year warranty!
  • Surface mounted. Only 3 mounting screws are required for installation. All of them will be concealed by the cover lens.