NT Cutter Heavy-Duty Circle Cutter, 1-3/16 Inches 6-5/16 Inches Diameter, 1 Cutter (C-2500P)

NT Heavy duty circle cutter with sturdy non-slip circular grip of polycarbonate resin. Circle can range from 1-3/16″ ~ 6-5/16″ diameter. Ideal for day projects and installation/repair jobs for drywall, roofing and flooring on floor sheets, carpet and thin veneer as well as lighter materials such as wallpaper, cloth, etc. Also great for making pipe holes in carpet, rounding corners and other uses in construction. Hold the center grip firmly down and slowly turn grip in the direction of the cutting edge. Do not try to cut with just one turn. By turning the grip several times over the surface, you will have better results. This heavy-duty circle cutter includes (2) extra durable single edge blade, BC-400. Professional blades are made of high quality carbon tool steel and produced through multiple stages of precise process to obtain the ultimate sharpness and optimum edge-retention. Convenient built-in compartment to store spare blades. Good for DIY projects, construction, Industrial application. Made in Japan.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty circle cutter
  • Dia. 3 – 16cm (1.181 – 6.29″)
  • # of blade included: BC-400 X 2
  • Replacement blade: BC-400P, BC-501P (BC-1P)
  • Cutting Material: Thin veneer, ceiling tile, leather, rubber, acetates, cardboard, thin floor mat, etc.
  • Made in Japan