The Sweetwater Island Ferry Collection: A Heartwarming, Feel-Good Trilogy (Sweetwater Island Ferry Series)

If you love Hallmark movies and HGTV home design shows, you will fall in love with Sweetwater Island Ferry! Read the well-loved trilogy in its entirety today!


In my perfect world… One day I would be selling my gourmet donuts, creating art that people loved, be married to my high school sweetheart, become a mom, live in an adorable dream house….

I had big plans for my life once, but nothing was turning out like I thought it would. One day I looked in the mirror and the strong, creative, feisty girl of my childhood wasn’t smiling back at me anymore.

My aunt must’ve known something that I didn’t, because when she left me her cottage on Sweetwater Island, a tiny spark lit inside me. Could this be a second chance at the life I always dreamed of?

But the old Victorian house has been sitting vacant for so long, the idea of living there is a pipe dream. Before I sell it, I would at least love to see the summer cottage of my childhood restored to its former glory. Punching in the ten random numbers, I twirl the contractor’s business card in my fingers. A male voice picks up and I say, “Hi, is this Tristan McPherson?”


From the moment she peeked her head around the corner of that weather-worn Victorian cottage, I knew there was something special about her. Then I realized that she was going to be one of those clients that thought being involved in the restoration project was helpful…when really, she was just going to get in the way.

But why did she have to end up being so cute, and so…likeable?

No, I made peace with my romantic solitude and know that love isn’t in my cards. People with dark secrets like mine don’t deserve a chance at that kind of happiness. Plus, she has a boyfriend.

Yet every time she comes around I can’t help but wonder… What if I could still be salvageable like this old seaside cottage?

This Trilogy Includes:
BOOK 1 – For Love…and Donuts
BOOK 2 – To Love…and Renovate
BOOK 3 – With Love…and Reality TV

Follow along on Virginia and Tristan’s adventure from strangers to home improvement darlings in the Sweetwater Island Ferry trilogy! Along the way, meet their friends and family, who remind us that a full life requires having dreams, faith in the impossible, and a little TLC.